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Design is the art of creating spaces that not only delight the eye, but also feed the soul. 

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Finishings The finishings have been created by designers to give your house or apartment a special look. Wallpaper is among our premium categories and will help you transform your home from home. It will also give a splash of color and shine to any room in which it will be placed. Our architects also confidently recommend decorative panels, mosaic, parquet or porcelain tiles to bring your space to life.

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The living room is an environment that we must pay special attention to, the area where we find our balance and at the same time carry out our favorite activities. With the help of the right sofa, they fulfill their role successfully every time, resulting in a well-deserved relaxing atmosphere. The sofa is the object that wants you to find your place, the comfort, the sentimental end of living. Master the space you live in!

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Sitting in style: the timeless design of Le Corbusier's LC2 armchair

Le Corbusier's Petite Lounge Chair (LC2) is a smaller version of the famous Grand Confort Lounge Chair (LC3) designed in 1929. Born Charles Edouard Jeanneret, Le Corbusier is undoubtedly considered to be the most important modernist chair designer ...

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The Proust armchair: a masterpiece of whimsical elegance

In the ever-evolving landscape of design, certain creations stand as timeless icons, transcending their functional purpose to become symbols of artistic expression. Conceived by the visionary Italian designer Alessandro Mendini, the Proust armchair ...

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