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The contemporary design of the living room also includes areas designed not only for family interactions, but also for personal hobbies.

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Wallpapers VINYL AND FIBERGLASS WALLPAPER Wallpaper is among our premium categories and will help you transform your home from home. It will also give a splash of color and shine to any room in which it will be placed. Our architects also confidently recommend decorative panels, mosaic, parquet or porcelain tiles to bring your space to life.

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Decorations A few decorations created by designers will easily give a touch of color and shine to the living room. Decorative pillows with contrasting or similar patterns, elegant wine racks, mural art, exceptional wallpaper or modern rugs will not visually crowd the space, but will give it flavor. In fact, small or large accessories are an excellent way to personalize your living room with accent objects that will delight your eyes.

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Choose the right color

Choosing the right color for your room has always been a subtle but important art form. From renaissance masters to today's interior designers, having a color palette can fundamentally change every aspect of a room. Color should be seen as a way to ...

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Sufrageria de la mijlocul secolului

Dacă doriți să proiectați camera de zi perfectă aici veți găsi inspirația de care aveți nevoie! Informați-vă și consultați ideile noastre pentru un living incredibil. Sperăm că aceste idei să va fie de folos în următoarea dumneavoa...

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