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Dalí-inspired elegance: the Vis-à-vis sofa

In the enchanting world where art seamlessly intertwines with design, BD Barcelona emerges as a beacon of creativity and innova1

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Futuristic glamour: the Starman sofa inspired by David Bowie

The Starman sofa embodies David Bowie's eclectic sound experience. A pioneer of musical exploration driven by curiosity, the same1

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Whether we want to emphasize the personality of a living room, to harmonize the furnishing elements or to create a contrast, decorative wallpaper is definitely a trendy material. It is a "clean" and easy way to add shine and a bit of originality to the walls. Having a variety of options at hand, both in terms of design and texture and technical characteristics, wallpaper for the living room is an inspired solution, with two great advantages: it is practical and at the same time decorative