Why IDA?

We bring you a wide range of international brands that include all the products necessary for a special interior design - from finishes to accessories. Depending on your needs, we provide consulting or design services to help you turn your space into an act of culture.

What we offer ?

Product customization consulting

IDA objects are made to order and so you can choose both dimensions and finishes. A designer will help you make the best purchase for the desired product.

Planning consultancy

If you need to arrange or rearrange a room, a designer can guide you to get a spectacular effect. It will create moodboard images to render the atmosphere of the room: colors, objects and lighting fixtures. This way you will know for sure that you have chosen complementary products, suitable for your space.

Design services

For interior design projects, such as homes, HORECA and office, we provide integrated architectural services. An architect will help you create a functional space, but also an aesthetic one and will follow the implementation process. An interior design project includes: measuring the space, establishing the desired concept and visual identity, the furniture plan, technical plans (installations, electrical , ceilings), execution details, finishes and furniture, photo-realistic images, offer of materials included in the project with a budget set by you and site monitoring. We recommend this service when you need a deep modeling or remodeling of your space.


"I was looking for an architect to arrange the house I had recently bought. At IDA I found all the support and patience I needed. Although it was a long process, the result is creative and unique. It exceeds my expectations! ”

- Adriana, stomatologist doctor

"I bought the living room furniture from IDA. The consultancy helped me, and the products are of excellent quality. It looks exactly like the pictures. A worthwhile investment. ”

- Sorin, IT expert

"The IDA team turned my home into a home. We had a pleasant collaboration, with positive energy, but full of challenges due to the site. My arrangement is a dream one and I feel great at home! ”

- Corina, entrepreneur

"After more than two years of buying the kitchen and bedroom furniture, they are the same as on the first day. A quality that lasts over time. I recommend the IDA furniture! ”

- Teodor, lawyer

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We help you create your atmosphere you need. Counseling becomes free when purchasing IDA products.