Comfort, emotion and sustainability are the stages of our experience that give shape and substance to the IDA concept. The brand was born 9 years ago from a passion for art and architecture, developing with a team of architects and designers. Today, we offer you over 70 brands from Europe for which we are authorized distributors of space design and arrangement services. The promoted image aligns with the new design trends, and the quality of the materials and the creative process becomes an integral part of our activity, in order to obtain a unique final result.


Design education

Art and beauty educate our spirit. That's why we promote the culture of interior design, which creates harmony and balance in your life and we help you choose the best solution.

High quality products

IDA items are signed by internationally recognized designers and are manufactured in Europe by automated or manual processes by licensed craftsmen.

Product personalization

We do not keep stocks so as not to block the raw material, thinking about sustainability. This allows us to adapt any product to the desired dimensions and finishes.

Community of architects and designers

Our team consists of architects and designers, being supported by a community of specialists in this field. We provide all the materials needed for a design project.

IDA creative house

“Palazzo Argentina” is a meeting place for clients, architects and designers. Here you can browse the catalogs and feel the samples of our products, but you can also see complex lighting and sound solutions.