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The hanger is a functional accessory, practically for any interior, which has received a lot of attention from designers lately. From small hangers that we can randomly mount on the wall, composing various shapes, to imposing objects that connect the floor to the ceiling, the hanger models are found in a myriad of shapes, colors, materials and sizes. Everyday life is more and more oriented towards the practical aspects, so that we feel the need for as many accessories as possible to make our daily gestures easier and at the same time to beautify and bring a personal touch in any space. The objects we always want at hand can be placed in order and at the same time visible with the help of hangers, decorative elements that must be integrated as a style and general aspect with the furniture and accents of the interior. Thus, they can have the air of a retro style, they can be minimalist, as little visible or very colorful as possible to add liveliness to the room. In addition, the hanger has become an accessory present in all types of spaces - hall, bathrooms, kitchen, bedroom, terraces or even integrated in areas with green walls, used to suspend plants. Depending on the layout of the space and the size, choose a hanger model that fits organically, is not oversized to take up too much space, is too mundane or lacks personality, but on the contrary, a stylish, good quality object that not to damage the general appearance of the room where it is located.