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There is nothing more comfortable than sitting by a smoldering fire, whether it is inside or outside; a fireplace will bring you all the warmth and comfort you are looking for. Modern fireplaces are not only heat-emitting pieces, but also have an important visual role, as an element of attraction in a room, and can have different aspects and finishes: they can be covered with stone, marble, metal or decorative paints or various details for the contemporary note. In addition, the advancement of technology allows more and more sustainable heating solutions, with different possibilities as options: along with the traditional ones, with wood, there are gas fireplaces, with bioethanol or those with electricity. In terms of style, the fireplace is no longer accepted only as the centerpiece of the living room, but can be as good in spaces as bedrooms, hallways or even offices. Today's modern fireplaces not only add an atmosphere of intimacy to the place called "home", but also offer a convenience of use that we have not enjoyed in the past. With modern systems for burning gas, which can be controlled at the touch of a button or by accessing the remote control to adjust the intensity of the flame, we have instant luxury in the atmosphere of the house, simple and easy, without resorting to cumbersome procedures to put logs and starting fluids. . Concrete, granite, steel or wood are just a few materials used to cover modern fireplaces. These can be stand-alone objects, placed in the center of the room, suspended or recessed. At the same time, they can integrate entertainment systems or highlight works of art, becoming a connecting element between all the components of the house. The incomparable joy of gathering around the fire with your loved ones or reflecting in solitude on the flame will never go out of style. IDA shop offers a wide selection of modern electric and bioethanol fireplaces.