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Masa Frisia | TOMASUCCI -10%
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Round, square, extendable, suspended: The table is much more than a simple piece of furniture, it is the central point of the house, where the day begins and ends, it is the indispensable thing in everyone's daily life. For this reason it is the object of continuous study and innovation of designers. The table has become a uniting element, a symbol of the family, able to create a unique and warm atmosphere. It is a meeting place, not only for dinner, but also for play, helping the children to do their homework or for reunions with family and friends. Therefore, the placement in the living room will reflect the idea of ​​home and welcome of the inhabitants and their personalities. Other aspects that require special attention are the material, color, style and size of the table. You can choose between marble, glass, acrylic tables, suspended on glass legs, with ceramic countertop or with cast aluminum support, depending on your preferences and vision.