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Ceiling lights


Ceiling lamps are mounted directly on the ceiling, keeping the space between the luminaire and the room to a minimum to ensure optimal lighting without taking up much space. They can be recessed or semi-recessed, being suitable for compact rooms that have a low ceiling or large spaces that require ambient lighting. Most ceiling lights offer direct lighting, which can be adjusted according to the size of the room. They are most commonly used in entrances, hallways and bedrooms. Ceiling lighting is not only a subtle way to bring style to your home, but also a way to save space. Although the lighting of the ceiling can be controlled, the ceiling lights can ensure both the general lighting of the atmosphere and the direction of the beams in the areas of interest, depending on the type and shape of the chosen object. With a glass, metal finish, in neutral colors or contrasting with the ceiling, the variety of ceiling lights ensures the style details suitable for each interior. In the IDA shop selection you will find a wide range of ceiling lamps and recessed accessories in a modern style, so that you can get the look and atmosphere you want.