Iconic furniture: Cyclone table, created by Isamu Noguchi

The Cyclone table, created by Japanese-American sculptor and designer Isamu Noguchi in 1957, is an iconic piece of modernist furniture. Here are some interesting facts about this table:

Innovative design

The Cyclone table is known for its sculptural design, which reflects both Noguchi's talent as a sculptor and his innovative approach to furniture design. The base of the table resembles a series of intertwined threads, resembling a cyclone in motion.
The base of the table is composed of a complex network of metal wires, which intersect and intertwine in a spiral structure, providing stability and a dynamic visual appearance. This construction is both aesthetic and functional, contributing to the durability of the table.


The Cyclone table top is available in various materials, including laminated wood and plastic laminate, allowing the table to be adapted to different styles and interior design preferences.
The spiral base is made of chrome steel, which ensures both the robustness of the structure and an elegant and modern finish.

Origins and Development

The original idea for the Cyclone design began as a toy model, which Noguchi later turned into a furniture design. This transition from toy to piece of furniture shows Noguchi's creativity and versatility.
The Cyclone table was produced in collaboration with the furniture company Knoll, known for promoting innovative modernist designs. Knoll continues to manufacture this table, maintaining the quality and design standards of the original.

Acknowledgment and Appreciation

The Cyclone table is considered a classic of modern design and is appreciated for both its artistic appearance and its functionality. Its timeless design has made it popular in various environments, from private homes to offices and public spaces.

Due to its importance in design history, the Cyclone table is exhibited in numerous art and design museums, including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, cementing its status as a reference piece in modernist design.

Cultural impact

The Cyclone table has appeared in various films, TV shows and design magazines, cementing its iconic status and influence in popular culture. Its distinctive and sculptural design has made it recognized and appreciated globally.

Thanks to its unique design and its functionality, the Cyclone table is versatile and integrates perfectly into a variety of environments, from modern to classic interiors.

The Cyclone table, with its dynamic design and sculptural aesthetics, is not only a functional piece of furniture, but also a work of art and a symbol of innovation in modernist design.