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Delphi H2 Water Ionizer

It consists of an electric ionizer Vesta H2 together with a control unit that can be mounted on the countertop.

A modern water purifier that offers you the latest features:

The best filtering through a top-level dual filter ionizer with 13 levels and UltraWater.
Don't buy an expensive one-filter system or one that has filters simple carbon or vitamin C. Delphi H2, with UltraWater technology plus the latest 13-stage filtration system gives you healthy water that is impeccably clean!

Nine Advanced SmartDesign Electrodes.
We do not believe in oversized electrodes or high current voltages, which are often a sign of inefficient design. They degrade faster and have a dubious effect on the performance of the device. Other ionizers with nine or more electrodes need a lot of energy to operate. Some need to reduce the flow of water through the appliance. Engineers have found that the best performance is when you have high-tech electrodes on which you apply exactly the right level of current. SmartDesign electrodes are designed and manufactured to deliver top performance. Delphi H2 offers you the perfect combination between the best electrode model and the optimal power level applied to them. The result is excellent flow, top performance, absolute reliability and very high durability.

Maximum H2 levels at lower pH levels, where the water tastes great!
Most other models can create at least a low H2 level. However, any model that produces a decent level of H2 must work at maximum settings and will produce water with a pH above 10 to get the desired result. Not only is it questionable in terms of health benefits, but high pH water does not taste good! This mode of use wears out more electrodes as well. Delphi H2 is superior to other systems in that it delivers better H2 performance, especially at lower pH levels - and more secure. This is so important, so we need to emphasize it once again. Cleaner, healthier water with good taste! Take a step forward!

Fully automatic DARC II Cleaning System. Clean the ionization chamber every time you use it.
Alkaviva has paved the way for long-lasting performance with the patented DARC II system. This is simply the best way to make sure that the most important part of the ionizer, the electrodes, is protected from mineral deposits. Mineral deposits are the enemy of performance. Delphi H2 continues this tradition of offering you the best self-cleaning system so that you can achieve excellent performance in the long run. It also gives you the comfort of not having to think about cleaning the electrodes or waiting for the ionizer to do its cleaning cycle. Delphi H2 offers the best performance and comfort!

Real-time Flow Control System.
Optimal flow is also important for optimal hydrogen performance. The flow control system on the Delphi H2 gives you an LCD display and a control valve that allows you to easily and accurately set the flow rate you want, every time you use the ionizer.

Auto Adjust System.
With the AutoAdjust system, the current applied to the electrodes can be adjusted to an optimal level for your water, making sure you get peak H2 levels from each the date you use your ionizer.

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