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Prometheus PB/PG Bio-ethanol Fireplace | SAFRETTI

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Prometheus PB
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Safretti has succeeded in reinventing the concept of fireplace, providing solutions that are not only aesthetically attractive, but also environmentally-friendly. These "living room accessories" employ the patented Safretti combustion system that complies with the international safety standards and which includes a remote ignition system. The best engineers in the field have worked for two years to improve and release a secured bioethanol combustion technology.

Prometheus PB/PG Fireplace with bio-ethanol

Prometheus bio-ethanol fireplace combines convex and concave aluminum shapes to create an object with a design that inspires warmth and natural rhythm and form. It is based on the latest generation technology that uses bio-ethanol as a source of energy for producing heat. The bio-ethanol brings a number of practical and aesthetic advantages, transforming Prometheus fireplaces into genuine decorative objects, ideal for enclosed spaces.

The body is defined by a thin frame with rounded lines, available in black / silver and various sizes.

Designer: Frans Schrofer

Dimensions: H 80 x D 17.5 x L 20 cm

Details: bio-ethanol (burning time of 6-8 hours on 2 liters full capacity.)

Benefits: It does not require a chimney. Easy to maintain; It does not generate smoke or smells.


*It is strictly forbidden to refuel during burning.
*The tank can be filled only when it is cold.

*For additional information, please contact us.

*All taxes included.

  • Frans Schrofer
  • Black
  • Gray
Length (cm):
Height (cm):
Weight (kg):
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel

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