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Melody II water ionizer

The low budget Alkaviva ionizer gives you double filtering and proven high performance.
AlkaViva Melody has been the leader and best-selling ionizer in the low-budget category of quality ionizers for the past ten years. This improved version is a 5-electrode version of the new Athena H2 ionizer and offers the benefits of double filtration, stronger acid water (lower pH) and DARC self-cleaning system. Meet the Melody II / Athena H2 - a proven reliable performer that has just become even better!
The new Melody II has been improved to increase its performance while maintaining the same solid durability for which it is recognized most often missing lower-cost ionizers).

Dual Filtering.
Don't buy an expensive single filter system or one that has single carbon or vitamin C filters. Melody II gives you double filtering protection because rest assured that you are drinking healthy water!

Specially designed for optimal filtration and excellent pH and ORP performance of drinking water, Melody II outperforms other ionizer models in its range price. It also produces excellent acidic water for external use.

H2 levels at lower pH levels, where the water tastes great!
Most other models can create at least a low H2 level. Any model that produces a decent level of H2 does so in a water with a dangerously high pH - always above a pH of 10. Not only is it questionable in terms of health benefits, but water with a high pH does not taste good. ! Athena H2 is superior to other systems in its price range in that it delivers good H2 performance, especially at lower pH levels - and safer. Cleaner, healthier water with good taste! Take a step forward!

Fully automatic DARC Cleaning System. Clean the ionization chamber with each use.
Keeping the electrodes clean is essential for excellent H2 performance. Alkaviva has paved the way for long-lasting performance with the patented DARC system. Melody II continues this tradition, giving you the comfort of not having to think about cleaning the electrodes or waiting for the ionizer to do its cleaning cycle. Absolute safety!

Real-time Flow Control System.
Optimal flow is also important for optimal hydrogen performance. The Melody II flow control system gives you an LCD display and a control valve that allows you to easily and accurately set the flow rate you want, every time you use the ionizer.

Top Certifications.
Alkaviva's 13 years of experience in water ionizers means you can trust Melody II, AlkaViva and our factories!

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