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Curba XT Bio-ethanol Fireplace | SAFRETTI

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Safretti has succeeded in reinventing the concept of fireplace, providing solutions that are not only aesthetically attractive, but also environmentally-friendly. These "living room accessories" employ the patented Safretti combustion system that complies with the international safety standards and which includes a remote ignition system. The best engineers in the field have worked for two years to improve and release a secured bioethanol combustion technology.

Curba XT Bio-ethanol Fireplace

Designer: Jan des Bouvrie

Curba XT bio-ethanol fireplace from Safretti combines an exclusive, modern design and the traditional concept of heat coming from the hearth fire in a decorative and easy-to-use new technology. The chimney-free fireplaces are based on bioethanol and are easy to install, both built in the wall and in open spaces, indoors or outdoors. The latest generation technology that uses bioethanol as a source of energy brings a number of practical and aesthetic advantages, transforming these types of fireplaces into genuine decorative objects, adaptable to any type of space.

Dimension: H 118.5 x D 17 x L 70 cm

Details: bio-ethanol (burning time of 6-8 hours on 2 liters full capacity.)

Benefits: No chimney required. Easy to maintain; Does not generate smoke or smells.


*It is strictly forbidden to refuel during burning.
*The tank can be filled only when it is cold.

*For additional information, please contact us.

*All taxes included.

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Depth (cm):
  • Jan des Bouvrie
Height (cm):
Length (cm):
  • Steel

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