Barbie, a "bombastic" film with a "brilliant" cast for critics

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear „Barbie”? Exactly, pink. We all associate the film with this color that can be found in the film, in the doll’s clothing and even in the Mattel company’s branding. That is because pink gives the impression of perfection, exactly what is highlighted in the film : a perfect world. This movie is a real example for the power of colors. 

In Barbieland, no one has hard days and there’s no negative energy, and because of that all the colors in the realm are alive and bright. Pink, blue, yellow and green are the colors that appear in this realm and give a happy mood.

On the other hand, we are presented the real world as well, but in more sad colors, like gray, black and beige. The difference between colors in each realm is emphasized through Barbie and Ken’s outfits when they go into the real world.

Even the architecture is influenced by this “perfection”, given the fact that in Barbieland he constructions are made from plastic, which is a very easy to model material that expresses superficiality.

Primarily, we all have our own world made of our preferred colors and architectural styles. We all live in the colors and styles that give us life and turn on our positive instincts. Barbie is defined by the color pink, but for others, this color can have a complete different meaning. By finding out your own colors, the quality of your life will increase considerably. You can surround yourself with the colors that make you feel good and in the presence of which you do activities the best.


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The color pink represents compassion, care and love. Pink is feminine and romantic, and “calms down” red’s passion, replacing it with a mild energy. In the psychology of colors, pink is a sign of hope, a positive color that expresses warm and comforting feelings and brings the hope that everything is going to be okay. This doll was a sensation, having a whole color for herself in the Pantone color space, which is 219 C. The producers of the film said : “We wanted the pink nuances to be extremely bright and everything to seem almost overwhelming.”. Said and done, the movie was full of the bright pink, typical for Barbie. 

The colors in this film are, apart from Barbie pink, other nuances of pink, purple and blue. Color is a powerful medium that influences emotion, preference and decision making throughout the lifespan, and aware of this, we offer a unique service: we create a color palette made by the nuances that belong to the personal emotional baggage. Color gives life to a room, and by finding out what colors evokes emotion in you, you will be able to wisely choose the colors in your house!

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